Please be patient. There are a lot of photo's... so git yer shoes off, kick back and enjoy...

I had to get a picture of some of the neighborhood deer on my way out...

Quinault River 8-10-03

This is just one spot where the river divides. This make for some easily fished holes that hold some fine rainbows.

Rainbows from 8-16 in. aren't trophy size but very healthy and plenty to keep your 5wt. busy.

I was able to look down from a log and watch the drama unfold as this one was fooled by an angel hair muddler minnow.

Ahhh... the rainforest. Life's simple pleasures.

Some more of life's simple pleasures.

I thought this made a nice picture.

Another Y in the river.

Another Bow in the river. This is just loads of fun.

OK, I know one of you are hanging out just underneath this log...

This one was very bright. Notice the muddler... my go to fly for the rivers around here.

Say, this looks like a nice spot...

I can't say enough about these beautiful coastal rainbows. They really put up a great fight.

You have to be just a little sneaky as you can see the water is cold and clear.

A nice Dolly Varden caught out of the hole pictured above.

Back to the river.

Another view of the same pool from the opposite side of the river.

2nd Dolly out of the same pool.

A large mayfly drying it's wings.

Fish On!

Time for a moment of reflection before hiking out.

I see you...


Goodnight folks.

I'll be back...

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Bill's Fly Fishing Photo Journal. All photo's copyright 2003.